Why use a film distributor in the digital age?

Cable/Satellite.  An established distributor will have access to PPV (Pay-Per-View) content providers on cable and satellite, who usually don’t deal directly with independent filmmakers.

Upfront Expenses.  PPV providers will also expect closed captioning of the film; encoding into the necessary format; and Errors & Omissions insurance coverage. These potentially large expenses can be advanced by the distributor and recouped later from the gross proceeds.

No Direct Access. Although you can attempt self distribution and go directly to VOD (Video-On-Demand) platforms on the internet, some companies still require submission through a distributor.

Placement/Visibility. Just getting your film released on VOD does not guarantee favorable placement among all the available titles. A distributor may have greater leverage to obtain improved visibility for perspective viewers.

Release Sequence. There is an accepted sequence to the release of a film. If it is not followed the filmmaker can jeopardize acceptance on certain platforms. For example, by posting a film to VOD platforms the filmmaker may unknowingly be excluding the film from cable and satellite release.

International Outlets. The U.S. only represents approximately 30% of the global film market. Distribution channels and requirements vary greatly from country to country. A film distributer will already have the necessary connections in place.

Focus On Being A Filmmaker. By utilizing a distributer you can concentrate on filmmaking. Self distribution and marketing can take several years of your life…perhaps time better spent making your next film.

Afterlight Pictures is an Atlanta based company formed in 2008 as a distribution outlet for independent filmmakers who would otherwise be overlooked by the large studios and distributors. Our objective is to provide worldwide exposure for independent films through DVD sales & rentals by major retailers, internet streaming video showcases, and video on demand rentals via home entertainment networks. We cannot accept a submission without a completed release. Download and print out the below form.
The signed release must be included with the copy of your film.

Afterlight Pictures, LLC
P.O. Box 724591
Atlanta, GA 31139

Download Submission Release Form